Training generalists and specialists of science and technology simultaneously

The Graduate School conducts specialized researches towards master’s thesis (projects) and doctoral thesis, and have a unique curriculum for Japan. The curriculum consists of interdisciplinary study of various fields. We train students to have a sophisticated perspective by integrating expertise that was advanced during the undergraduate study.

Integrated Arts and Design Division, Master’s Degree Course

Based on “Arts and Design,” which fuses “Science and Technology,” “Human and History” and “Art and Culture,” the Master’s Degree Course aims to enhance conceptual power, communication abilities and creativity in design and art through practical education and research activities connected to society. Abilities to think for oneself, develop questions, and discover possibilities for new expressions and designs are cultivated through creative art practices and cutting-edge knowledge in Arts and Design. It leads to cultivate human resources that contribute to society through their varied originality and global creative activities.

Arts and Design Division, Doctoral Degree Course

Arts and Design is positively expected by society to have the capabilities to create new values through research that interweaves a wide range of learning and fields. The Doctoral Degree Course is designed for students to further develop art and design expertise acquired up to this point and, at the same time, identify innovative research themes that would yield new values and perspectives and conduct research and development so that it may cultivate unique and original researchers. This endeavor simultaneously cultivates instructors with appeal and proactive dynamism. With many international students, the program is active on a global level.