2020年度の大学院入試情報が公開されています。 冊子は大学院事務室で配布中です。 ダウンロード版:2020年度_神戸芸術工科大学大学院入試要項 (Guidelines Document 2020)



There are three sets of schedules.
Please contact the faculty member you wish to study under to obtain a private consent before you apply.

Schedule A: Beginning of July (application period: mid-June)

Schedule B: Mid-October (application period: mid-September)

Schedule C: Beginning of February (application period: end of January)

*The schedule may change. Please contact the Graduate School office for details.

Master’s Degree Course admissions process (300 points total)

(1) Application documents screening: 100 points
(2) Individual interview: 100 points
(3) Creativity Evaluation: 100 points
(Choose either works or paper)

Doctoral Degree Course admissions process (400 points total)

In addition to 1 through 3 above, the following is included.
(4) English test: 100 points

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