2021年度の大学院入試情報が公開されています。 冊子は大学院事務室で配布中です。 ダウンロード版:2021年度_神戸芸術工科大学大学院入試要項 (Guidelines Document 2021) 2021年度大学院学 […]



There are two sets of schedules.
Please contact the faculty member you wish to study under to obtain a private consent before you apply.

Schedule A: Beginning of October (application period: Beginning of September)

Schedule B: End of February (application period: end of January)

*The schedule may change. Please contact the Graduate School office for details.

Master’s Degree Course admissions process

(1) Application documents screening
(2) Individual interview
(3) Creativity Evaluation
(Choose either works or paper)

Doctoral Degree Course admissions process

In addition to 1 through 3 above, the following is included.
(4) English test

More Information

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