2021年度の大学院入試情報が公開されています。 冊子は大学院事務室で配布中です。 ダウンロード版:2021年度_神戸芸術工科大学大学院入試要項 (Guidelines Document 2021) 2021年度大学院学 […]


Honors Students (Tuition Payment) Program

First-Year Honors Student (Tuition Payment) Program

Those newly admitted to the KDU Graduate School directly from KDU in any of the admission schedules are eligible for the Honors Students Program. For academically outstanding new Graduate School students directly from KDU, the Graduate School offers a program which exempts half of the first-year annual tuition.

Existing Honors Students (Tuition Payment) Program

For existing honors students, the Graduate School has a program allowing exemption of half of the annual tuition for those selected from among all students already enrolled in the Graduate School based on their academic performance in the previous year.
*The program excludes government-financed overseas students, students who are taking leave of absence, studying abroad, or left school.